You scored between 3 and 8

Your test score reveals that you are at medium risk for prediabetes. 
Here’s what to do next.


Schedule an annual check-up.

People at medium risk do not need to get their blood sugar tested right away. However, you should schedule an annual physical checkup, and get your blood sugar tested at that time. Your doctor can help you reverse the risk of diabetes. If you don't have a health care provider, click here to find a clinic with low cost health services.   

Get motivated to keep yourself from becoming prediabetic or diabetic.

For people like you who are at medium risk for prediabetes, even small changes to your health habits could put you at high risk.  Since it’s not always easy to avoid the causes of prediabetes, it helps to get motivated. The better you understand prediabetes, the more motivated you’ll be to prevent it.   

To learn more about prediabetes, click here.

Keep track of your risk, weight,
and blood sugar.

Keep track of what increases your risk for prediabetes.  For example, gaining weight or being less physically active can increase your risk, so can spending less time with people who have healthy habits. If your weight is above the healthy weight limit on the at-risk weight chart, make a plan to keep track of your weight. Try to bring your weight down to a healthy weight level. To help manage your weight, take advantage of lots of great information on how to eat right and be active. If you have a health care provider, tell them you want to keep track of your blood sugar and keep it below the level for prediabetes. 

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