You scored between 0-2

If you scored between 0 and 2 points, your risk for prediabetes is low. That's good news
for you, and for friends and family members who can be inspired and influenced by  
your healthy behaviors.  Here's what you can do next


Learn how to keep your risk low.

Check the at-risk weight chart and make sure your weight stays lower than the weight shown for your height.  Learn the best ways to maintain a healthy weighteat right, and be active for a lifetime, and share what you learn with the people you see day to day.   

Discuss prediabetes with people at home, where you work, or — if you are a student — at school.

Nine out of ten people who have prediabetes don’t know they have it. That’s why it’s important to talk about prediabetes and raise awareness.  Ask people – do they know that over half the adults in California are prediabetic or diabetic?  Tell them about the risk test at this web site.  Share your concern about this serious condition and the need to prevent it.  Find ways to bring healthy eating and physical activity into daily conversations. To learn more about prediabetes, click here.

Set an example.

Do you know who can have the most influence on the healthy habits of your friends and family?  It’s not a medical expert, sports celebrity, or actors in an ad – it’s you.  People learn by example, and if they see you doing something healthy every day, they’ll be much more likely to do it themselves.

Share the test on Facebook.

Friends and family members should encourage each other to take a prediabetes risk test.  Click here to share a test that’s available on Facebook. If everyone who saw this test on Facebook shared it with 10 friends a day, the test would be shared over 100 million times in just 8 days!