About  testyourbloodsugar.org

Testyourbloodsugar.org is a collaboration between state and county health departments,
and local health care providers in California.  Our common goal is to have everyone in our service areas know if their risk for prediabetes is high, medium, or low, based on the CDC Prediabetes Screening Test developed for the National Diabetes Prevention Program. 


Those who are at high risk, as determined by this test, are instructed to print out their online test results and present the printed form to a nearby Federally Qualified Health Clinic. A list of FQHCs in participating counties is provided at testyourbloodsugar.org for the site visitor's convenience, and to encourage those at high risk to get their blood sugar tested at the soonest opportunity.

How health clinics can support the testyourbloodsugar.org program 

When high-risk patients arrive at your clinic with a printed copy of their online test results, they should be provided with immediate assistance and the soonest possible blood sugar test.   All scores of 9 or higher indicate a high risk of prediabetes.

For these patients, your clinic should determine if the patient's  fasting plasma glucose =  100 -125 mg/dL OR 2-hour (75 gm glucose) plasma glucose = 140 – 199 mg/dL and if A1C = 5.7 – 6.4 % OR if there has been a clinical diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes GDM during a previous pregnancy.

The clinic should also recommend if the patient should set goals for achieving 5% - 7% weight reduction through changes in diet and gradual increases in moderate physical activity, and participate in a diabetes prevention program.

The patient's online test results printout contains a very brief form for the clinic to complete and submit for eligibility to the National Diabetes Prevention Program. The clinic should also keep a copy for the patient chart, and give a copy to the patient.

To see a sample copy of the online test results printout form, click here. 

If you have any questions about testyourbloodsugar.org, please contact us. 

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